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Repointing & Restoration

Repointing- Repointing is a key part in property maintenance, often neglected until its actually causing a problem. Failing pointing can lead to damp problems, leaks, condensation and damage to brickwork etc. Using our specialist techniques, we can repoint your property to a high standard. Leaving your brickwork water tight and ready to battle the elements.

Firstly we start by removing the old mortar (pointing) Commonly know as the rake out stage. This is done by us using our specially designed mortar raking kit which allow us to ensure we gain nice clean, clear cut joints ready for repointing, our kits have vacuum suction attached to them, this helps to control the dust. Sometimes simple hand tools are just as effective if the pointing is really soft.

Here at Tidybrick, when we conduct pointing work, we do our up most to insure we use the best mortar mix for your property, we often use lime based mortars, as they would of traditionally been built. We make sure every detail is pointed to the highest standard.
Leaving your property completely transformed. For examples of our repointing work, see the photos below, check out our video showing how a fine weather struck is done.

The finish, we offer a few different types of finish for pointing. The most common being fine weather struck, flush joint etc. We would always recommend the best for your property, however its entirely up to you what finish you have.

Brick Repairs, Replacements & restoration- Damages to your brickwork can always be rectified, how ever the longer you postpone the more it will cost to put right in the future. We specialize in restoring damaged brickwork, Are your bricks blown? Have you got lumps and patches covering your lovely façade?

These are signs that we can help. Repairing brickwork is a specialist job. We can repair the brick façade to blend in with the existing brickwork using our specialist colouring methods. Repairing the damaged bricks or filling wholes enables us to make your property water tight and appealing at the same time. This is a much more effective method for normal damaged bricks. How ever some bricks are to damaged and beyond repair, in this case we would remove the old brick and replace it with a brick as best match we can, normally using reclaimed bricks.  What ever your requirements we have the skills and knowledge you put your properties brickwork right.

We offer Repointing services all over South West London & Surrey, we offer a free sample patch, to show you what your property could look like call us 020 3488 2137 or 07507 347312. We offer a free quotation, feel free to send us a photo of your property now via our contact form and we can give you an estimate with in 24 hours.




Brick Repair

The render plinth at the bottom was very high and our client wanted it lowered. We remover the render, repairs a few courses of brickwork, repointed it all, then finally added the new render.
brick repair beforebrick repair after


Brick Repair

Example of pebbledash removal, abrasive cleaning, repointing and brick repairs


Major brick repair work, before & after


Brick repair


Brick repair